Not sure how to navigate a roundabout?

You’re not alone. So that everyone can approach and drive in a roundabout comfortably and safely, the Federal Highway Administration has put together a Rules of the Roundabout video.

Please watch this video!
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And remember:
• Slow down.
• Look around.
• Get ready to yield.

FHWA Rules of the Roundabout


Want to learn with rhyming lines and fun illustrations?









We recommend Ronda Loves Roundabouts, a children’s book on how to use a roundabout as:

  • a driver
  • a pedestrian
  • a cyclist.

This excellent educational resource is the brainchild of Build the Era, a transportation safety advocacy group for the U.S. Department of Transportation. The book’s author is a traffic engineer with the Maine Department of Transportation.

We learned about the book, published in the spring of 2023, while doing research for our roundabout facts quiz (see below). We bought remaining copies of the first edition so that we could donate them to library branches, schools, and community organizations here in Rockford, Illinois.

If you would like to purchase a copy ($15), contact us here or reach out to Build the Era to get on the list for the second edition.


Want to put your knowledge of roundabouts to the test?

Take our 20-question roundabouts quiz.


Want to help us share safe driving tips?

We’ve put what you need to know for driving in the Main/Auburn roundabout on a TAKE THE PLEDGE bookmark. We’re asking everyone who has this bookmark to read the tips to 4 drivers—and then pass it on to someone who will do the same for another 4 drivers.

Why 4? Because there are four approaches to the Main/Auburn roundabout (Veterans Memorial Circle) and we must make all four of them safer.

If you’d like some bookmarks for your business or office, message us via Facebook or Instagram, or email us here.