ROUNDABOUT FACTS: A Quiz for Skeptics and the Rest of Us

20 questions by Friends of Veterans Memorial Circle, a nonprofit in Rockford, Illinois whose volunteers raise awareness of veteran suicide — and the urgent need to show struggling veterans their community cares — by buying, planting, watering and weeding flowers at a once-rundown veterans' memorial, which happens to be at a roundabout. #CircleOfHope

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1. What is a modern roundabout?

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2. What are the safety features in modern roundabouts that address issues with older-style traffic circles, or rotaries?

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3. What does a modern roundabout look like?

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4. Roundabouts can mean the difference between a tow truck and an ambulance.

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5. Research cited by the Federal Highway Administration shows roundabouts REDUCE FATAL CRASHES by over:

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6. At intersections converted from traffic signals or stop signs, the REDUCTION IN CRASHES RESULTING IN INJURIES, according to studies cited by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, is 

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7. What is the speed limit for roundabouts in the U.S.?

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8. The skills you need to enter a roundabout are the same skills you use making a right-hand turn out of a driveway.

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9. While driving in a roundabout, what do I need to remember?

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10. As I leave the roundabout, what do I need to remember?

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11. To solve transportation and supply nightmares when the power was down after Hurricane Florence hit the North Carolina coast in 2018, a traffic officer with the Wilmington Police Department recommended setting up hundreds of cones to create four temporary roundabouts.

During this makeshift traffic control, how many collisions were reported ?

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12. A Kansas State University study of three intersections converted from traffic signals to roundabouts showed TAILPIPE EMISSIONS REDUCED by

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13. In a study during peak traffic hours at intersections converted from signals to roundabouts, TIME IN TRAFFIC was found to

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14. Though the U.S. had only 356 roundabouts going into the 21st century, there are now thousands across the country. About how many thousands of roundabouts are in the United States?

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15. Which U.S. state has the most roundabouts?

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16. When and where was the first modern roundabout in the United States built?

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17. These three states have adopted a roundabout-first policy for proposals to upgrade or build new intersections.

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18. With the growing number of roundabouts in the U.S., the Department of Transportation keeps finding ways to educate the public about them. As of 2018, we have a National Roundabouts Week.

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19. Roundabouts save taxpayers' money.

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20. Once a roundabout skeptic, always a roundabout skeptic?

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