Military History Plaques

Service and sacrifice, era by era

Army veteran and former state representative Jim Sacia and his wife, Jenny, read the plaque at the southwestern quadrant on May 19, 2019. Photo by M&M Photography.

On each of the four wing walls of Veterans Memorial Circle is a plaque honoring the military history of Rockford and Winnebago County.

Starting with the plaque at the northeastern quadrant of the roundabout and going clockwise, they cover eras of military history from the Revolutionary War to the operations since 1992.

The text on these plaques was researched and written by the late Tom Johnson, a Rockford attorney and Army veteran who was recognized for his knowledge of Illinois history and his eloquence.

The plaques were installed in 2014, a year after the roundabout was built and first dedicated as Veterans Memorial Circle.


NE wing wall














SE wing wall



SW wing wall













NW wing wall